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J & R LaManchas began 4 years ago as a cooperative venture between myself - Jose Gonzalez, and a good friend, Reuben. We love the attitude and temperament of those earless wonders known as LaManchas. We were lucky enough to get a good start with Guinevere (who went on to earn her SGCH and appraise 92 EEEE), as well as Ellie Mae, Tiara, and a very special recorded grade, Lilac, who went on to win many BIS wins. We finished championships, won legs on our first and second generations of babies, as well as taking many BIS wins. Reuben has since moved on to other pursuits in his life, but I am sure he will always hold a place in his heart for these wonderful animals.

Our vision of a beautiful, elegant LaMancha, with lots of height and stretch, levelness and dairyness but with strength of bone and lots of width, was helped to be realized through our careful selection of two main herd sires, *B Tempo Mr. Bo Jangles, and the son of a 2X National Champion, *B Kastdemur's Voss. The Tempo herd is Laurie Acton's offshoot of the famous des Ruhgestelle Saanens, and her animals carry that tall, long dairyness so typical of the Saanen breed, along with those phenomenal rumps! We hope that Voss will add the exquisite udders from the Kastdemur line, without taking from the dairyness. This year, in addition to two Voss sons from our beautiful CH Barnowl Very Superstitious and SGCH Lazu2Bar RDL Ellie Mae, I am thrilled to be using ++*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself, who sired the 2012 National Champion. Watcher is on loan from Kastdemur's. Thank you, Krista.

Earlier this year we were thrilled to arrange purchase on a beautiful new facility, just a few miles from where the herd had its beginnings in Boone, CO, about 20 miles east of Pueblo. This had formerly been a lovely horse breeding facility, with a beautiful farm and several other outbuildings and pens. It was a perfect set up for the goats with only the addition of a bit of fencing. They have moved in and are well settled now as we move into breeding season. I am really looking forward to kidding and raising the next generation of young stock at this new place. However, the cost of this move will also mean that a majority of this coming year's kid crop must be offered for sale, along with several of the first fresheners, so be sure to contact me soon to get on our list!